A safe and reliable method to disinfect drinking water is the use of 3 inch calcium-hypochlorite tablets by PPG. These tablets provide an alternative to gaseous chlorine as well as bleach and other non-dependable methods of purifying water. When handled correctly, they are totally harmless to be used and provide protection against bacteria, fungi and other micro organisms and living contaminants found in drinking water.
The 3 inch calcium-hypochlorite tablets by PPG can also be used to chlorinate swimming pools and sewage systems. This disinfectant has been tested and approved by professionals and health experts. These tablets are less expensive than various of other tedious methods of purifying drinking water.
The desired level of chlorine in water is one part per million (PPM). And the PPG 3 inch calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tab tablets are designed to deliver maximum chlorine when the product comes in contact with oxidized substances. Therefore accordingly drinking water should be treated with a good disinfectants such as calcium-hypochlorite tablets and tested to check the level of chlorine again.
The treated water can then be filtered safely to be used for drinking. And in treating a swimming pool, having a constant supply of calcium-hypochlorite tablets will keep it clean and safe from harmful organisms.