PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs are a dry form of chlorine that are efficient and easy to use. Dissolved in water, they are used as a general disinfectant to destroy bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and other microorganisms.
PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs are used primarily to disinfect drinking water supplies and sewage systems. Accu-Tabs are also used as a sanitizer in a number of food processing, commercial, institutional, military, mining, farming and domestic applications.

The PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs System Advantages are Clear..

POTABLE / INDUSTRIAL WATER CHLORINATION for municipal drinking water, water wells & booster stations, wastewater plants, food & poultry processing, grain milling, mining applications and cooling towers. Used in a PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs Chlorination System.

Safe, Accurate & Simple. Safe... The PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs system is a good alternative to liquid bleach and potential gas hazards. With no chlorine gas cylinders to handle, chlorine releases are non existent. Process safety Management and Risk Management Program compliance worries are minimized greatly. Accurate...The PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs system is predictable, as easy to adjust as gas, and more consistent than bleach. Simple... PPG calcium-hypochlorite Accu-Tabs 3-inch tablets are easy-to-handle. The chlorinators contain no moving parts or small openings to clog, keeping maintenance minimized!.

PPG three-inch Accu-Tab SI (scale inhibitor) calcium hypochlorite tablets are specifically formulated to help prevent scale formation inside the chlorination chamber, especially in hard-water areas. Engineered to perform reliably and consistently, the tablets are pressed rather than formed, ensuring their physical integrity and eliminating brittleness and extensive breakage.